Monday, April 9, 2012

The Midnight 5K

A.K.A "The race I'll never be doing again."

So sometime in December I heard about this race in honor of April Fools Day that was to take place at Midnight on March 30th.  It sounded like a *great* idea so I went ahead and signed up.

Fast forward to March.  It turned out that the local YMCA 5K/10K/15K - the whole reason I had started running in the first place - was on March 31st.  Since I had already signed up for the midnight run the YMCA run was out of the question.

The week of the midnight 5K came and I started wondering what I was thinking signing up for such a late race.  I have young children so sleep time is precious - why was I intentionally missing out on it?  I don't even like it when I have to run in the evenings instead of morning because it messes up my sleep.

The day of the race came and I spent much of it in a state of fatigue.  I guess I was preparing for what was to come!  I drank some extra coffee throughout the day.  Once the kids were in bed I spent the next few hours just trying to stay awake.  There was a lot of chocolate consumed.

It was close to time so I got dressed and headed over to the park.  Because there was no information sent (bad!) and no packet pick-up before the race (very bad!!!)  I had no number and also had no idea where I was supposed to go in this park.  If you happened to read my 10K report you'll know that I don't like waiting until the last minute to find things out so I was already unhappy about this race before I even got there.

I found where people were going and it turns out there was a window to pick up our race packets.  I got my packet, put my number on, and put the rest of the stuff in my car.  I went back to the pick up area and ran into someone that I knew who was also doing the race.  Soon it was time to head over to the starting line.

When the race started I started out running but soon lost any energy that I had.  I wound up walking a lot of the race.  I don't even remember too much about it because I was so tired.  I do remember that I was able to start running again when I got close to the finish line.

I finished with a time of 42:13.  Not a horrible time but a lot slower than I've ever done a 5K before.

It was one of those races that seemed like it *should* have been fun but because of my own internal clock it would up being not so much fun after all.  Not only that but I didn't even feel fully 'recovered' from this race until the following Thursday which is much longer than it usually takes me for a 5K.  I have to say that I did met some nice people there and tried to make the most of it.  But I've decided that I did enough "sucking it up and dealing with it" when my children were up all night as babies.  I don't need to be intentionally doing it to myself.  :-P

Next year I'll go with the Y race.

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